Ministry Helps

Vimeo links are videos — All other links are word docs or .pdf

CCSG Ministry Graphic – Listing of all CCSG Ministries –  CCSG Ministry Graphic – PDF

How to view from mobile phone –
How to Add Content – To Add Content Helps Page

Handbook (In Progress) – CCSG Procedures Draft
Wednesday setup procedure – Wed Setup Txt
menorah video tutorial –**This video is actually outdated, we use real menorah wicks now 🙂

Menorah (detailed text) – Menorah in more detail
ushering pre-service video tutorial –

Worship – Different Keyboard Sounds  How to go to different sounds on CCSG keyboard

Updated Communion Procedure (Uploaded 3/1/14) – Updated Communion Procedure

Easter Service Notes: Easter Weekend 2014v2

Church in the courtyard setup pics: Easter Courtyard Pics